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Bakso Djingkrak Bandung

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Bakso Djingkrak Bandung is one of the famous meatball outlets in Bandung because the sexy and beautiful waitresses, whom are also the owners. They recently opened a branch in Sunter, Jakarta.

This meatball outlets suddenly talked about social media users. Bakso Djingkrak Bandung, so netizen preach outlets which opened earlier this week.

On average, users talk about where pretty women at the opening of the booth. From the number of photos uploaded to twitter tread a woman wearing an orange outfit. This outfit paired with short jeans.

Stand it looked crowded with customers. The menu is presented of course meatballs with various choices. There also appears stuffing meatballs with red chilli in it.

Bakso Djingkrak Bandung Address

JL.Setiabudi 56, 022-2036683 BDG
(seberang FashionWorld, parkiran SisterBoutique)

Bakso Djingkrak Bandung Operating Hours

10:00 AM – 07:00 PM

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